Very often we find ourselves trapped by storage limitations on our cell phones and devices. As a result, we have to succumb to not adding new files, deleting data or uninstalling applications to free up space.
iMyFone Umate Pro software is the best data removal application you can find in the App Store. Compared to other programs that allow you to delete and clean the storage of your iOS devices, iMyFone Umate Pro is the only one that has exceeded our expectations.
Next, let's dig deeper into how this software works and what it does exactly. We will also investigate how it has performed, and if the millions of users who have tried and used iMyFone Umate Pro are satisfied.
iMyFone Umate Pro
iMyFone Umate Pro
Why do we need it?
We will have to remove useless files in order to make space for the limited storage of our devices. In most cases, a device that has reached its maximum storage capacity often freezes, goes blank and stops responding to commands. And the latest software and applications may not be updated unless we have storage on the phone.
That makes?
IMyFone Umate Pro has a multitude of functions that protect your phone information. It allows users a great flexibility in removing data from their device without any hassle. From a broad point of view, it makes the task of cleaning the storage easy for users and they do not have to worry about the integrity of the deleted data.
1. "Click CleanUp" is a feature that saves time and energy. Instead of having to scan each file. It gets rid of all junk files and folders in a matter of seconds. Users can run this option to manage music files, photos, messages, contacts, and applications that take up space on your device.
Click CleanUp iMyFone Umate Pro
Click CleanUp iMyFone Umate Pro
2. The "Erase all Data" option is designed to give users the possibility to choose all data at once and delete them in an instant. This function may sound similar to the factory reset. But its different with this option is that iMyFone Umate Pro leaves no trace of deleted files. This way if you want to sell your old iPhone you do not have to worry about your private information falling into the wrong hands.
Erase All Data iMyFone Umate Pro
Erase All Data iMyFone Umate Pro
3. Some users are unaware that when we delete files like photos that we do not like, music that we no longer listen to, or any other data that we have in our device. These are not completely eliminated.Some hidden copies and temporary files remain as waste taking up space in our limited storage.This is where iMyFone Umate Pro takes care of the whole thing. With the "Erase Deleted Files" option, all these hidden files are completely deleted.
4. Some private information requires our attention before selling our device. IMyFone Umate Pro has managed to develop a method to treat these data discreetly. Thanks to the "Erase Private Data" option that locates all your Whatsapp messages, videos, photos, history and files on your device and is responsible for their destruction. With iMyFone Umate Pro, you can permanently delete all files you do not want to see, no data can be restored by any data recovery software.
Erase Private Data iMyFone Umate Pro
Erase Private Data iMyFone Umate Pro
5. iMyFone Umate Pro fully understands how fragmented data from the applications and software installed on the device works. The "Erase Private Fragments" option allows users to crawl and delete fragments of useless files on their cell phones.
IMyFone Umate Pro has been designed to eliminate any information distributed in different applications on your device. It facilitates and supports data, files, contacts, messages, photos, and videos present in WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Viber, Skype, Chrome and Line. Cache cookies or corrupted files can be easily removed with the iMyFone Umate Pro Software.
Erase Private Fragments iMyFone Umate Pro
Erase Private Fragments iMyFone Umate Pro
In conclusion, it is safe to say that iMyFone Umate Pro has revolutionized the industry. Their particular approach to the security of data being deleted helps to extend the life of our devices. IMyFone Umate Pro allows deleted data from your phone to be impossible to recover, without compromising the integrity of your files, messages, contacts, photos, and videos.
Earn an iMyFone Umate Pro license
The creators of iMyFone are offering 10 licenses (for one year) of the software. If you want to win one of these promotional codes, leave us a comment where you tell us why you want to use the Software?. You have until July 11 to leave the comment. Winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends.
The Loading time of your blog affects your blog's bounce rate and traffic because nowadays users are like the fastest opening websites and blogs to read their content with less time, sometimes you'll get the referral traffic on your blog and sometimes that referral is spammed which are very harmful to your blog. If you're getting lots of referral spams on your blog, then you must read this post to remove spams traffic and reduce bounce rate and loading time of your blog. There many other methods to remove referral spam (like from Google Analytics Filters) and increase the blog page speed using light weight and simple theme, but we have another method which we will go to teach you that how can you improve your blog's page speed, reduce bounce rate and remove the referral spam traffic using free CDN from CloudFlare for free and quickly.
speed up blog with CDN

Now the question is what's the CDN, it is a Content - Delivery - Network which works well and faster, it increase your blog page speed, reduce bounce rate, increase organic traffic, remove referral spam for free, easier and quicker and also prevent from hacker's attack to your blog. This is very effective way to make your blog secure, safe and fast. Most of the companies provide free CDN like CloudFlare, and some offer paid, but robust CDN like MaxCDN but they are very costly for some webmasters and blogger to use them on their blogs. I would recommend to you use the CloudFlare's free CDN on your blog this will increase your blog page speed, reduce bounce rate and much more. The CloudFlare's free CDN is giving you its nameservers, and you need to replace your custom domain's nameservers with CloudFlare's nameservers then it will take 24-48 hours to fully applied on your blog, once it is completely installed then check your blog page speed and loading time on speed checker tool like GTMetrix and PingDom free online tools after your blog's bounce rate, loading time and security will be improve.

How To Install and Setup Cloudflare's Free CDN

This very simple to install and completely setup the free CDN on your blog if you on WordPress or Blogger, but you must have a custom domain name for your blog, so just follow below steps to enjoy the benefits of free CDN from CloudFlare.
  1. Create an account on CloudFlare and confirm your email Id.
  2. Now select the free or basic plan from pricing page.
  3. Now enter your blog's domain name or URL.
  4. Then CloudFlare gives you the two nameservers, and then you need to copy both of them
  5. Now go to your domain's DNS setting and replace the default nameservers of your domain with CloudFlare's nameservers.
  6. It may take 24 - 48 hours to completely installed on your blog.
  7. Wait for 24-48 hours and then you're done.
If you have any question related to Content Delivery Network then contact us or comment on this article, we'll back soon with the interesting guide to make your blog perfect for 2016 and make it user-friendly. Keep visiting for more information and helpful guides.
All bloggers or webmaster in this world wants to increase their blog traffic earn more revenue and more visitors for their blogs but due to high competition and Google Algorithms Updates they were never success in this work then will lose their hopes to getting high traffic to their blog. But most of the bloggers use the Reddit to increase their traffic by submitting their post link on Reddit but there some hardcore rules on Reddit. In a case of submitting blog post link on Reddit, firstly you need to have at least 100 link karma points if you've 100 or 100+ link karma points then you'll submit your link on Reddit quickly.
increase reddit link karma

 Now the question is How to increase Reddit link karma to 100, is this hard to get 100 link karma, no this is very easy to get 100 link karma on your newly created Reddit account. You need to upload some unique and very very funny picture to pictures or funny subreddit if you get the maximum upvotes then your chance will increase to get maximum Reddit link karma.

How To Increase Reddit Link Karma And Boost The Blog Traffic

Firstly you need to find some funny and unique picture in Google Images or any other places then you have to check that image is already published on Reddit or not using Karmadecay.com (Image Duplicity Checker On Reddit)? If your images are unique and not published on Reddit.
  1. Now go to Imgur.com (the most popular Images Director) then upload your funny and unique image to Imgur.
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  5. You're Done.


Don't submit your blog post link until you have at least 100 link karma, if you've any question about this tutorial then feel free to ask in the comment and share this post with your friends on social networking sites.
Canvas Silver 5 Review And Specifications
After the most of the successful smartphone flagships, now Micromax has launched it's first slimmest Android smartphone that is, Micromax Canvas Silver 5 it has lots of new specifications which you can't found in previous smartphones of Micromax Canvas series. Do you know that this smartphone beats the Gionee Elife 5.1 in thickness?

The Canvas Silver 5 is the slimmest as well as the world's lightest LTE device in the smartphone world, it only just 5.1mm thin while there more thinnest smartphone from other brands like Gionee Vivo, etc, bu.t they are not thinnest end to end like Canvas Silver 5.

This smartphone has super AMOLED 4.8-inch display touchscreen with the resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels which is the best thing of this smartphone. Also, it is protected with Coning Gorilla Glass 3 and has 8,000,000: 1 contrast ratio. These the company is going on with the great success, and everyone is waiting for new Canvas series smartphones, and here they launched the Canvas Silver 5. This smartphone have launched in the first week of July 2015th.

Specifications of Micromax Canvas Silver 5:-

Micromax Canvas Silver has a 4.8-inch AMOLED high definition touch screen display with the high resolutions with the 306 PPI density, and it also has the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection and has 8,000,000: 1 of contrast ratio.

In this, the year we've noticed that their Canvas series smartphone are gorgeous designed smartphones, and also Micromax provide identical smartphones devices, the handset weight is 97 grams, and it is the lightest LTE 4G smartphone.

This handset is powered by the Snapdragon 410 64-bit chipset with clocked speed at 1.2 GHz with the Qualcomm Adreno 306 GPU, This device is the 4G supported with 2GB of RAM, but this handset is not external microSD card slot so, you don't have to expand its storage but the internal storage on Canvas Silver 5 is 16GB.

This Smartphone has 8MP rear camera with the 3264 X 2448 pixels of resolution with auto focus feature and stacked CMOS IMX219 Sensor from the Sony and also integrated a LED flashlight for better image quality for low light conditions and also great photography experience. In the front of this handset, there are 5MP of front facing camera.

The handset is running on the Android Lollipop with the version 5.0.2 which latest and best Android operating system. Now most the Micromax Canvas series smartphones coming with the Android Lollipop 5.0.

Canvas Silver 5 has a high-density Lithium Polymer 2,000 mAh battery which is a little bit less with its other specifications like 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and its 8MP camera. However, the brand claims that this battery is capable of providing 8 hours talk time and 345 hours standby time. But this smartphone is singled SIM, which is Nano SIM supported.

The price of Micromax Canvas Silver 5 currently in India is 17,999 INR and for other countries like US and Canada will be approx $282. What do you think about the new Micromax Canvas Silver 5, Now in the future Micromax will become big brands like Samsung and Apple.
Display                                   Processor                            Front Camera
4.8-inch                                  1.2GHz                                 5MP

Resolutions                            RAM                                   OS
3264 X 2448                           2GB                                     Android 5.0.2

Storage                                   Rear Camera                      Battery
16GB                                       8MP                                      2,000 mAh

  • AMOLED Display
  • Slip & Sleek design
  • LTE 4G Support
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection
  • Expensive
  • Not Enough Battery Life
  • No microSD card slot
  • Single SIM
This is kind and beautiful, and slimmest design from Micromax Canvas series we've recommends you that wait for its change in its original price and buy it with the best price from your nearest Micromax Store.
If you've any question, suggestions, comment, then please contact us and join us to share this article with your friends on your social networking profiles keep visiting us for best smartphones suggestions
Honor 4X - A 4G Phablet
The manufacturer Huawei in recently launched a new phone or some people says it phablet Honor 4X. And Previously we've shared four bluestacks alternatives which is very useful. Today's article is based on a Smartphone review i.e, Honor 4X its resolution is not full high definition but its processor which is Octa-Core and 2GB of RAM are makes its excellent phablet. Normally you are getting a phablet and lots of feature for very much money, but it's just only around $230. Its better thing is Honor has confirmed that the Android Lollipop update will land on this phone in this summer so at least it will make bit more sense in remaining months during summer the Huawei has confirmed to put in the Android Lollipop version. And its design has not done much different with the design of Honor 4X except for adding a textural pattern on its body
.So we are going to tell about the features of Honor 4X with each explanation.


It has a 5.5 inches IPS LCD multi touch screen with the resolution of 720x1280 with 267ppi pixel density. Its screen is pretty sharp and not high definition but like better and also it does not get too bright and affects the sunlight legibility, the viewing angles are surprising for the LCD panel which is not too good and its does not using the any type of toughened glass protection for its display.


It has a 13 MP rear camera which is made by Sony and a 5 MP front facing camera. Its camera quality are brilliant and we're like its camera quality because we're very impressed its camera quality after have a look its demo camera's snapshots. You can also see its camera quality in Google Images just search sorry because we're not implement in this article.


Also it has a good powerful 1.2 GHz octa core processor which is developed by Qualcomm Snapdragon with the Integrated Adreno 306 graphics which are available in the Lenovo A6000. There is 2 GB of RAM which is easily and fastest in gaming time, so full enjoy the experience of gaming in the big 5.5 inch screen phablet.


Also it has good storage capacity which are 8 GB of Internal memory and also you can expandable up to 32 GB using the microSD card, infact 8 GB is the enough internal storage at lower rate range of smartphone.

Operating System {Software}

Huawei has developed new Emotion 3.0 skin is wrapped around the Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Emotion 3.0 is an another type of software which is using Honor 4X such companies developed their on software like Lenovo, Xiaomi and etc. But after the few months Huawei was confirmed to upgrade and launching in the upgrade of Andoid Lollipop which is latest version of Android opertaing system.

Other Features

There is a massive 3,000 mAh long time battery inside this smartphone, also it has Dual-SIM feature and it works in dual standby mode also the phone can connect to Indian LTE network (4G Network) operating in the 1800MHz and 2300MHz and other connectivity features includes WI-Fi a/b/g/n and Bluetooth v4 with A2DP.
Display                               Processor                            Fornt Camera
5.50-inch                             1.2GHz                                 5 Mega Pixel

Resolution                          RAM                                  OS
720x1280 pixels                   2 GB                                    Android 4.4.4

Storage                                Rear Camera                    Battery Capacity
8 GB                                    13 Mega Pixel                      3,000 mAH

  • Value For Money
  • Two Day Battery
  • Powerful Camera
  • Emotion 3.0 Skin is Nifty
  • Power does not translated on the screen
  • Uninspiring Design
It has decent performance coupled with good battery life at Rs. 10,499 the Honor 4X is bit more expensive. And a big screen and a decent amount of power for a low price.
Run android apps with Bluestacks and emulators
In Previous days you can run your android apps on your PC by using Bluestacks or some other Android Emulators which are we've shared already in this article. But today we're come with the interesting article that you're really liked. In September 2014 Google Launched the unique Dev tool to run your favorite android apps on the Google Chrome and that tool name is  ARC Welder, here ARC means "App Runtime for Chrome", it is a project which is launched by Google for running android apps in the Google chrome or chrome OS. Back on news the every updated version of chrome browser can download and run the android apps on different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS if chrome browser are compatible with it.

This project is in the beta stage and is specially and officially designed for the Developers. It is so simple to run .apk file of any android apps on PC just you need to download the ARC Welder tool where you can run not only android apps also there you can access full experience of Google Play Store to download your favorite android apps.

The original release of ARC Welder, there was no official process to getting android app run on the chrome OS. Now Google has release a tool that user can run .apk file on chrome browser that tool are available in chrome webstore.

ARC Welder is based on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat and run Dalvik VM (Virtual Machine).

Some Standalone android applications like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and the wide variety of android games.
Source : Arstechnica
It is a very nice project by Google to make every one to enjoy the experience like a Android Smartphone, run all android apps on their PC without any Emulator.